Photo Credit: In game footage

If there is any hope in restoring normality to Midtown then we need heroes.

When you first arrive in Midtown there is chaos. Demons fighting mobsters, Sentinels holding hostages, mobster shoot-outs and bank robberies, madness! Order can be restored and rewards are offered but at what cost?

The Iron-Men, Ant-Men, Iron Fists and maybe the Thors. These are just some of the heroes that may be up to the challenge and many more. Every Monday this madness takes place in Midtown and will have our heroes face bosses from all corners of the city and beyond every 3 minutes.

With every boss engagement a Midtown box will drop giving you access to new gear and experience to help your powers grow, but to succeed faster and achieve the daily rewards you will want to assemble a team. Party up, help others on their quest and maybe once your hero is level 60 you may then take the leap through the Cosmic Trial Gate and face your most challenging survival test ever.

Good luck out there heroes. The madness continues.

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