This weekend is the start of the Marvel Heroes 2016 re-brand and major launch. Some of these features may be included in the launch and some may come at a later date but here is what i know:

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Have you defeated Ultron? Did you see the Skrulls? They are coming! A new chapter is written with a new patrol zone for you to seek out too!



Have you earnt your hero some achievements? Maybe you have gotten passed wave 50 at Xavier’s School of the gifted X-defense challenge? Then you may find your place amongst some of the greatest players of all time on the all new Leaderboards.


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Felicia Hardy, the Black cat; is unchained. She will be joining the hero roster once her training is complete in the test centre but can she be tamed and become a powerful level 60?

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What does her alternative unreleased costume look like? I guess we will have wait and see!

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A new team up hero Flash Thompson; Agent Venom has been seen training within the test centre but reports have been filed stating he may continue his training for a bit longer.


The Omega System is being evaluated and we may see either a cap increase on points, a rework or a new node unlocked however this information is unclear and if it is ready to launch.

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If you are looking for a little bit of a different kind of control with your hero you may be able to use the new controller support which is finding its way to us soon.

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Is your Captain America rocking it out in the default costume? Or maybe you have merged with the Phoenix as Jean Grey and your outfit doesn’t feel on point? Does it look worn out and tired? The news is the visual updates for heroes and costumes could be ready to launch to brighten up your wardrobe.


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Deadpool. Just in time for him to shine in his upcoming film has finally had his powers reviewed and has undergone some extensive training in the test centre. We should be seeing him released if he passes his mental exams as an all new Deadpool!

Could there be more coming? Will the new crafting and costume storage be available? A new event? Something we have not heard of? I will be watching and playing.

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