February 2016

Symbiote Rocket & Groot Costume Release!

cover 1
Credit: Marvel

Straight out of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2013-2015 #22 by Brian Michael Bendis we will see the release of a much wanted fan voted enhanced costume for Rocket Raccoon & Groot in Marvel Heroes 2016 this Friday!

With Flash Thompson serving alongside the Guardians as Agent Venom his Symbiote powers start to do strange things to him while travelling through space.

The Symbiote soon leaves its host and goes on a maniac hunt to consume a new host. At first it latches onto Groot but the team are luckily able to subdue it.

Credit: Marvel

Soon after leaving Groot the Symbiote hides in the dark corners of the ship. The team shortly find the Symbiote ¬†only to find it attack Rocket and consume him as its new host…

Credit: Marvel

The costume design is done by a non forum employee of Gazillion for Marvel Heroes 2016.
This enhanced costume is currently on the Test Centre server for everyone to try out.

There is a lot of feedback at the moment surrounding his gun models not reflecting this comic and its uncertain if that will be changed but given this was a fan voted release its great to see the developers showing great support for us players!

Credit: Marvel



Happy Valentines Day Marvel Heroes

XP orbs are green. Spirit orbs are blue.

Be kind RNG Jesus, be my Valentine and ill be yours too.

The Divsion: Content coming soon

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