sharedimageOver the weekend i acquired Ashes Of The Singularity. I have been starving for a competitive multiplayer real time strategy game for a lone time now. Having exhausted many hours in Company Of Heroes 2 i really wanted a game that had a futuristic robot theme similar to Total Annihilation and boy i tell you i have found it!

I am playing the game in the Direct x 12 version which looks and plays gloriously on my system (i5 2500k oc @4.0ghz ,16gb ram, AMD R9 280 3gb, ssd, windows 10 64bit). I quickly went through the tutorial mission to understand the mechanics and read up on some quick strategies on the Reddit page then jumped straight into some ranked matches.

I understood the game already had in place a terrific matchmaking and leaderboard system and it was immediately working great. I could instantly find ranked matches with no issues connecting or long wait times. There is also a detailed stat tracking display in place which i was surprised and delighted to see.

With zero to none load times to connect to a match it is proving that Stardock have really got a solid net code in place. There was no lag whatsoever and at no stage did i suffer any frame drops even with a growing army size of over 1k units moving across the screen at times. I cant say i have ever seen a mulitplayer RTS game play this well online.

I quickly became in love with the game and found myself experimenting with many different tactics leading my army to victory. I even had a critical mass victory which saw my army defending the nodes for 30mins.

Of course there was a few games i did lose and it was interesting to see the different strategies used. This in no way dishearten me from playing non stop as i feel the game is very balanced. The maps are procedurally generated which gives a freshness every round that i really do enjoy too.

I believe the game has a strong future ahead of it and with a well known developer team behind it i hope to see the fanbase grow and would be excited to see some new content added in the future.

Things i would love to see is some sub-factions and customization that would allow you to have more flare in the ranked matches. Also a hero unit of some sort would be neat.

Its still early days for this terrific game and i plan on playing it for a long time!