Galvatron has now made his appearance into Transformers Earth Wars thanks to the Till All Are One weekend event. This review will cover the comparisons to Megatron, my opinion and some tips for using him.

The first obvious comparison to Galvatron is that he has an increased damage to his ability compared to Megatron:

InspiringCharge.jpg Megatron’s Inspiring Charge: 

Level Damage
1 300
2 315
3 330
4 345
5 360
6 375
7 390
8 405
9 420
10 435

Ability_FusionBeam.jpg Galvatron’s Fusion Beam:

Level Damage
1 650
2 682.5
3 715
4 747.5
5 780
6 812.5
7 845
8 877.5
9 910
10 942.5

The second noticeable comparison is that Galvatron has slightly less health. Eg a 2 star Megatron at max level has 6000 health where as Galvatron has only 4500.

So it could be said that Galvatron is a bit of a glass cannon almost but given his range he is able to escape most damage when using his ability. However his normal damage power is still a close ranged weapon and melee which does suffer when he is up close compared to Megatron even though it has higher damage per second the lower health makes him suffer.
Galvatron’s Fusion Beam delivers a great area effect and is most effective when combined with Slipstream’s bomb. Although expensive it is best used 2nd or 3rd in a chain attack to ensure you aren’t wasting your ability points.

The best way to use Galvatron is to use careful ranged positioning attacking grouped buildings/targets to deliver the best damage. Be mindful with his lower health when trying to engage close targets and make sure he is surrounded with warrior bots to help him survive.


Rotating Galvatron into your A-team can be a gamble if you are thinking of swapping out your Megatron. At later level this may be ok to do with his higher damage but would rely on having Scrapper/Tantrum for example in your squad to substitute Megatron’s charge.

It is great that the model we have is the same from the G1 series although  i don’t see Galvatron being a replacement for Megatron but is a nice alternate team member with terrific area damage when combined with the right classes.