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Symbiote Rocket & Groot Costume Release!

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Credit: Marvel

Straight out of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2013-2015 #22 by Brian Michael Bendis we will see the release of a much wanted fan voted enhanced costume for Rocket Raccoon & Groot in Marvel Heroes 2016 this Friday!

With Flash Thompson serving alongside the Guardians as Agent Venom his Symbiote powers start to do strange things to him while travelling through space.

The Symbiote soon leaves its host and goes on a maniac hunt to consume a new host. At first it latches onto Groot but the team are luckily able to subdue it.

Credit: Marvel

Soon after leaving Groot the Symbiote hides in the dark corners of the ship. The team shortly find the Symbiote  only to find it attack Rocket and consume him as its new host…

Credit: Marvel

The costume design is done by a non forum employee of Gazillion for Marvel Heroes 2016.
This enhanced costume is currently on the Test Centre server for everyone to try out.

There is a lot of feedback at the moment surrounding his gun models not reflecting this comic and its uncertain if that will be changed but given this was a fan voted release its great to see the developers showing great support for us players!

Credit: Marvel



Happy Valentines Day Marvel Heroes

XP orbs are green. Spirit orbs are blue.

Be kind RNG Jesus, be my Valentine and ill be yours too.

Chapter 10 Rewards

Marvel 2016 is here! Chapter 10 is unlocked for all your level 60 heroes. You will want to spend the time grinding it out with your 60’s to give you some sweet rewards for each of them: 

1.  Open your remote mission in your mission tracker then take your level 60 character to the Helicarrier Hub and speak to Nick Fury. 
2. Defeat Skrull Nick Fury: 
nick fury's eyepatchomega orbs
spirit +15 Spirit
3. Defeat Skrull Electra: 
omega orbs


4. Defeat General Kl’rt:

power points 3 power points +
medal of valor
It is worth noting that the boss groups/bosses may offer their medallions too.


Marvel Heroes 2016 launch!

This weekend is the start of the Marvel Heroes 2016 re-brand and major launch. Some of these features may be included in the launch and some may come at a later date but here is what i know:

Photo credit: Gazillion Entertainment

Have you defeated Ultron? Did you see the Skrulls? They are coming! A new chapter is written with a new patrol zone for you to seek out too!



Have you earnt your hero some achievements? Maybe you have gotten passed wave 50 at Xavier’s School of the gifted X-defense challenge? Then you may find your place amongst some of the greatest players of all time on the all new Leaderboards.


Photo Credit: Gazillion Entertainment


Felicia Hardy, the Black cat; is unchained. She will be joining the hero roster once her training is complete in the test centre but can she be tamed and become a powerful level 60?

Photo Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

What does her alternative unreleased costume look like? I guess we will have wait and see!

Photo Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

A new team up hero Flash Thompson; Agent Venom has been seen training within the test centre but reports have been filed stating he may continue his training for a bit longer.


The Omega System is being evaluated and we may see either a cap increase on points, a rework or a new node unlocked however this information is unclear and if it is ready to launch.

Photo Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

If you are looking for a little bit of a different kind of control with your hero you may be able to use the new controller support which is finding its way to us soon.

Photo Credit: Gazillion Enterainment

Is your Captain America rocking it out in the default costume? Or maybe you have merged with the Phoenix as Jean Grey and your outfit doesn’t feel on point? Does it look worn out and tired? The news is the visual updates for heroes and costumes could be ready to launch to brighten up your wardrobe.


Photo Credit: Gazillion Entertainment

Deadpool. Just in time for him to shine in his upcoming film has finally had his powers reviewed and has undergone some extensive training in the test centre. We should be seeing him released if he passes his mental exams as an all new Deadpool!

Could there be more coming? Will the new crafting and costume storage be available? A new event? Something we have not heard of? I will be watching and playing.

Hit me up with your comments or come say hi to me on Twitter!


Midtown Madness Monday’s

Photo Credit: In game footage

If there is any hope in restoring normality to Midtown then we need heroes.

When you first arrive in Midtown there is chaos. Demons fighting mobsters, Sentinels holding hostages, mobster shoot-outs and bank robberies, madness! Order can be restored and rewards are offered but at what cost?

The Iron-Men, Ant-Men, Iron Fists and maybe the Thors. These are just some of the heroes that may be up to the challenge and many more. Every Monday this madness takes place in Midtown and will have our heroes face bosses from all corners of the city and beyond every 3 minutes.

With every boss engagement a Midtown box will drop giving you access to new gear and experience to help your powers grow, but to succeed faster and achieve the daily rewards you will want to assemble a team. Party up, help others on their quest and maybe once your hero is level 60 you may then take the leap through the Cosmic Trial Gate and face your most challenging survival test ever.

Good luck out there heroes. The madness continues.

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