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Transformers Earth Wars: Galvatron Review & Tips


Galvatron has now made his appearance into Transformers Earth Wars thanks to the Till All Are One weekend event. This review will cover the comparisons to Megatron, my opinion and some tips for using him.

The first obvious comparison to Galvatron is that he has an increased damage to his ability compared to Megatron:

InspiringCharge.jpg Megatron’s Inspiring Charge: 

Level Damage
1 300
2 315
3 330
4 345
5 360
6 375
7 390
8 405
9 420
10 435

Ability_FusionBeam.jpg Galvatron’s Fusion Beam:

Level Damage
1 650
2 682.5
3 715
4 747.5
5 780
6 812.5
7 845
8 877.5
9 910
10 942.5

The second noticeable comparison is that Galvatron has slightly less health. Eg a 2 star Megatron at max level has 6000 health where as Galvatron has only 4500.

So it could be said that Galvatron is a bit of a glass cannon almost but given his range he is able to escape most damage when using his ability. However his normal damage power is still a close ranged weapon and melee which does suffer when he is up close compared to Megatron even though it has higher damage per second the lower health makes him suffer.
Galvatron’s Fusion Beam delivers a great area effect and is most effective when combined with Slipstream’s bomb. Although expensive it is best used 2nd or 3rd in a chain attack to ensure you aren’t wasting your ability points.

The best way to use Galvatron is to use careful ranged positioning attacking grouped buildings/targets to deliver the best damage. Be mindful with his lower health when trying to engage close targets and make sure he is surrounded with warrior bots to help him survive.


Rotating Galvatron into your A-team can be a gamble if you are thinking of swapping out your Megatron. At later level this may be ok to do with his higher damage but would rely on having Scrapper/Tantrum for example in your squad to substitute Megatron’s charge.

It is great that the model we have is the same from the G1 series although  i don’t see Galvatron being a replacement for Megatron but is a nice alternate team member with terrific area damage when combined with the right classes.



Transformers Earth Wars: Decepticon Squad Setup Guide

update 21/9/17

This guide is designed to help you setup a versatile squad for Transformers Earth Wars. These bots could be substituted to your liking or playstyle; however it is what i find most effective and can be used as a starter guide.

# This team should contain your top ranking bots.
# Be used for Alliance Wars
# Be used for higher Zone raids
# Used in Event high tier reward raids

I will use my team as an example here to highlight how to get the best use out of your A Team:

This team is able to clear Zone 6 and Zone 7. Your team should be able to do 1 higher zone regardless of the power recommendation with the right squad abilities.

The ideal setup is to have a mixture of roles and activate your abilities in a chain that has them layer damage.



High health for Megatron and strong damage output. Although his default power seems slow but when mixed with combat stimulants from Shockwave he is unstoppable. After you have taken out the first line of defence you want to try to bypass the outposts with his charge ability then activate it again once you are clear of defences to attack the base.

Skrapnel gives you a second emp bot to your squad. With his short range it will protect you when you are up close with your warrior and past the first line of defence so be sure to use it as soon as your squad has done the first charge in with Megatron.



High damage per second with range that will escape any defence. His EMP ability has area damage too which can disable multiple defences before going in.



With Nightbird’s ability she is able to soak up a tonne of damage to help distract and shield your attacks. Her damage output is great but does require careful positioning given she is mostly melee.



Starscream is a must for Air single target damage. It is important you have his ability powered up as high as you can as soon as possible to be effective. He should be able to take out most defences below level 8 with a rating 400 or higher. You will need to familiarise yourself with his range as it shorter compared to the likes of Thundercracker for example. It is best to send Starscream in first to take out the first line of defence.



Want a tonne of area damage? You want a Mixmaster! His ability should be used either 1st or 2nd in a raid depending on the defence setup in conjunction with Starscream. His range on his default gun power almost the same as Breakdown so send them together on the map to be most effective.



As of the current version the healers can be a bit of a hit and miss with their path finding but Shockwave is an terrific choice with his Stimulant ability as it can really help improve the damage of your strong melee and ranged bots when used at the right time.

Power Chain Example Strategy:

  1. Position your ranged gunners near some key defences
  2. Take out the first line of defence with Starscream.
  3. Use Mixmaster’s ability to take out a group of defences.
  4. Charge in with Megatron
  5. Activate Skrapnel EMP & deploy Nightbird Clone
  6. Charge in with Megatron at the base and activate Shockwave’s ability on your squad

Positioning At Start:


Power Chain in action:


Ashes Of The Singularity Ranked Review

sharedimageOver the weekend i acquired Ashes Of The Singularity. I have been starving for a competitive multiplayer real time strategy game for a lone time now. Having exhausted many hours in Company Of Heroes 2 i really wanted a game that had a futuristic robot theme similar to Total Annihilation and boy i tell you i have found it!

I am playing the game in the Direct x 12 version which looks and plays gloriously on my system (i5 2500k oc @4.0ghz ,16gb ram, AMD R9 280 3gb, ssd, windows 10 64bit). I quickly went through the tutorial mission to understand the mechanics and read up on some quick strategies on the Reddit page then jumped straight into some ranked matches.

I understood the game already had in place a terrific matchmaking and leaderboard system and it was immediately working great. I could instantly find ranked matches with no issues connecting or long wait times. There is also a detailed stat tracking display in place which i was surprised and delighted to see.

With zero to none load times to connect to a match it is proving that Stardock have really got a solid net code in place. There was no lag whatsoever and at no stage did i suffer any frame drops even with a growing army size of over 1k units moving across the screen at times. I cant say i have ever seen a mulitplayer RTS game play this well online.

I quickly became in love with the game and found myself experimenting with many different tactics leading my army to victory. I even had a critical mass victory which saw my army defending the nodes for 30mins.

Of course there was a few games i did lose and it was interesting to see the different strategies used. This in no way dishearten me from playing non stop as i feel the game is very balanced. The maps are procedurally generated which gives a freshness every round that i really do enjoy too.

I believe the game has a strong future ahead of it and with a well known developer team behind it i hope to see the fanbase grow and would be excited to see some new content added in the future.

Things i would love to see is some sub-factions and customization that would allow you to have more flare in the ranked matches. Also a hero unit of some sort would be neat.

Its still early days for this terrific game and i plan on playing it for a long time!


Symbiote Rocket & Groot Costume Release!

cover 1
Credit: Marvel

Straight out of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2013-2015 #22 by Brian Michael Bendis we will see the release of a much wanted fan voted enhanced costume for Rocket Raccoon & Groot in Marvel Heroes 2016 this Friday!

With Flash Thompson serving alongside the Guardians as Agent Venom his Symbiote powers start to do strange things to him while travelling through space.

The Symbiote soon leaves its host and goes on a maniac hunt to consume a new host. At first it latches onto Groot but the team are luckily able to subdue it.

Credit: Marvel

Soon after leaving Groot the Symbiote hides in the dark corners of the ship. The team shortly find the Symbiote  only to find it attack Rocket and consume him as its new host…

Credit: Marvel

The costume design is done by a non forum employee of Gazillion for Marvel Heroes 2016.
This enhanced costume is currently on the Test Centre server for everyone to try out.

There is a lot of feedback at the moment surrounding his gun models not reflecting this comic and its uncertain if that will be changed but given this was a fan voted release its great to see the developers showing great support for us players!

Credit: Marvel


Happy Valentines Day Marvel Heroes

XP orbs are green. Spirit orbs are blue.

Be kind RNG Jesus, be my Valentine and ill be yours too.

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